Technical characteristics and materials:
Flat frame in 40mm thick plywood with 45mm rebate with anti-noise gasket, complete with telescopic frames in plywood with a section of 85x10mm on the external side and 65x10mm on the internal side.

Honeycomb core with a nominal thickness of 40mm, framed with solid fir with a section of 28x40mm, filling with superglued micro-perforated honeycomb, plated with 4mm thick MDF panels covered in 3D laminate with a vertical grain.

Standard hardware:
Reversible concealed hinges and magnetic lock.

Available versions:
Door, double asymmetrical door, double symmetrical door, casket, double casket, rototranslating, symmetrical book, asymmetrical book, symmetrical double book, western 1 door, western 2 doors, external wall, double external wall.