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Italian excellence


We offer a wide range of products: laminate doors with around 30 different finishes with ready-made material, veneer, lacquered, armoured, soundproof and hotel doors.

Your door the way you want it

Simulate your ideal environment with the door of your dreams

The simulator allows you to place the door of your choice from different lines and models in different settings: wall colour, floor type and colour, and other design elements.

Because there is no innovation without design and vice versa.

Exclusive Antibacterial Elegance


The Long Life® Total Look project, matching antibacterial doors and windows, was born from the collaboration between Luxpan Srl and Alphacan Srl, a leading manufacturer of PVC windows.
Naddeo Porte and NP Serramenti, , always in search of innovation, are the first producers in Italy, respectively, of co-ordinated doors and windows covered with Long Life Plus antibacterial leaf, produced by Luxpan Srl.

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Evolution of Italian excellence

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Naddeo Porte

Evolution of Italian

Sense of dedication and commitment, sacrifice and responsibility: these are the values of the Naddeo family, shared and passed on from the first to the last generation. Ours is a family business that has been able to renew itself in order to grow.

Do you know where you can find us?

All over Italy!

The experience gained over the years by the entire Naddeo Porte staff and the right business intuitions have allowed the company to become a nationally recognised reality.

Doors immediately available? Always!

Because we produce them directly in our factory of around 3000 square metres. The delivery of doors is safe and fast because it takes place with our own vehicles in neighbouring regions, while total coverage of the Italian territory is ensured thanks to our long-standing partnership with national and international transport companies

Do you know how many doors we can produce per day?

We produce about 500 doors in a single shift!

For us, innovation is the perfect balance between people and technology. This is why, in addition to the skills of all the Naddeo staff, we continuously invest in technological innovation, with the latest generation of numerically controlled machinery

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Clients Say About Us

Pitch client channels low hanging fruit graphical interface responsive web design startup marketing niche market assets launch party web conversion funding.

March 8, 2022

Lo stile di Mara e Penelope

Differenzia il colore dell’anta rispetto a quello dei telai e

January 26, 2022

Long Life® Total Look

Naddeo Porte insieme ad NP Serramenti sono i primi produttori

June 1, 2021

Nuovo brand: fresco, innovativo, competitivo

Rinnovarsi per crescere. La nuova generazione Naddeo entra in gioco:

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